Curious Pufferfish Wants A Selfie
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a puffer fish swims next to a scuba diver to take a selfie.

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Also in this video, a soap dispenser is being annoying. A driver spun out in front of a police officer. A dog hears their owner's name for the first time. Dunkin Donuts throws away hundreds of donuts every day. A cat is sitting in a sink. Satellites orbit around Earth.

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  • Kimoni Golding
    Kimoni Golding

    That puffer fish was like “you got games on your phone” 👁👄👁

    • ???fan666

      Lol, I saw the puffer fish video on tik tok

    • Rjay Cagampang
      Rjay Cagampang


    • Vincent


    • LemonSage

      Nice lol



  • Lawrence Hodge
    Lawrence Hodge

    0:27 legend has he’s still trying to clean the soap

  • braeden velasco
    braeden velasco

    Fired for trying to give back to the community? Wow society is so heartless

  • Jens Meyer-Beeck
    Jens Meyer-Beeck

    Beatrice made my day.

  • Rakib Hasan
    Rakib Hasan

    *I saw actually two pufferfish taking selfie.*

  • Dominic Newby
    Dominic Newby

    you know you're canadian when you can dunk on ice

  • Idk Wtvr
    Idk Wtvr

    Anyone notice that the descriptions are different?

  • Mat Fen
    Mat Fen

    There is an app called Too Good To Go, made exatly to solve issues such as the Dunkin Donuts one

  • Jedi General Obama
    Jedi General Obama

    WHAT?? Dunkin Fired Him for giving Donuts To homeless? They Couldnt make any profit off them anyway? DAMN I HATE DUNKINS

  • The Laptop
    The Laptop

    3:00 adventure time! Damn I miss the show it was so fun to watch

  • 🇸 🇪 🇪  🇳 🇦 🇲 🇪
    🇸 🇪 🇪  🇳 🇦 🇲 🇪

    1:16 me: casually walking in a dumpster in dunkin donut Time to eat boi

  • Mason Vasquez
    Mason Vasquez

    2:32 now that is impressive 🤩

  • PRT001

    Its caus if the homeless guy gets ill from bacteria or allergic reaction he can sue the company

  • TheAdvertisement

    1:50 That was a one-trick pepper right there!

  • good morning
    good morning

    the dunkin donuts employee tho

  • OpenYourMind

    2:00 is a damn perfect example for all the idiots out there that think outerspace exists. Question: How the hell come after 15 years I still cant get a signal in a small valley in a few rolling hills area at the bottom yet when I reach the top suddenly *poof* the signal appears again? And out in the middle of nowhere I cant get a signal either unless Im closer to a city or a *HINT* - CELLTOWER? So many idiots that live on this flat earth and cant even answer any of these questions. So they come up with other dumb excuses or try to get back by asking a dumb question about flat earth. You guys cant even back up your own brainwashed in school teachings because you have never questioned independently of schooling or mainstream teachings of theories...never ending theories.

  • bombom

    I hate that you fire someone who gives donuts to the poor people dam so wrong🙅🏾‍♂️

  • Ghalya Saber
    Ghalya Saber

    AUEH!!!!!!! 0:08

  • OOf

    He was jus checking for games on yo phone (Yes I purposely misspelled some words)

  • Shylaja Radjarame
    Shylaja Radjarame

    That face of the dog

  • Imn Beasley
    Imn Beasley

    Hey guys what ad did you get?

  • Minoodles Gaming
    Minoodles Gaming

    Imagine someone is taking a selfie then you just walk/swim up to them and take a selfie with them and they let you. Wow what a day

  • Shadow Giratina
    Shadow Giratina

    Seeing so much delicious donuts being dumped out like that... It makes me mad. THIS NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF AND SOLUTED SOMEHOW!

  • KirbyVan M
    KirbyVan M

    I cant believe Dunkin would just fire a person who did the right thing, unbelievable.

  • Miksu Master JBL
    Miksu Master JBL

    1:10 - 1:33 This would never happen in Finland.

  • c c
    c c

    Why did they fire him for doing the right thing all that food went to waste anyway

  • Nano

    Did he get arrested?

  • Phillip Lian
    Phillip Lian

    the pufferfish wants to be remembed :)

  • FestKindaSus

    Thicc lips 😳

  • Dino.u.fidget

    I swore I heard betres snort nothing at the end 2:18 like when his owner had nothing to give him

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Noooo all my fav donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Navarro
    Victor Navarro

    The confused hubcap unequivocally treat because step-daughter serologically admit amidst a insidious body. pushy, grandiose agreement

  • GcubePlayer8

    So Dunkin donuts is ajenst communism captilist pigs

  • GcubePlayer8

    This is way pufferfish are my favorite fish

  • Kylie Fuller
    Kylie Fuller


  • SiberianHusky

    My man just wanted a selfie with a cutie ;)

  • Enes

    Also puffer fish smiles for selfie.

  • Br0K3nToAsT949

    Plot twist: the pufferfishs early life was a human

  • Phoenixspin

    Is that fish smiling?

  • MewEnger

    *Having a terrible day* *nothing cheers me u-* Here is a very polite cat, day fixed, thanks

  • Jeremy Rasos
    Jeremy Rasos

    i dont like who fire the guy that was trying to give away food like there homeless and they need food

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt

    Nobody gonna talk about the amazing basket XD

  • Laura Ramos
    Laura Ramos

    I want a pufferfish selfie :(

  • dancepiglover

    I want to see more of those art creations.

  • Shiro Shinori
    Shiro Shinori

    His face is 👁👄👁

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga

    Fired for giving homeless people food thats was gonna be thrown away? Thats just sad to hear

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    The donuts looked soo good :(

  • Enchanted Sp3ech
    Enchanted Sp3ech

    2:31 connor mcdavid and lebron james

  • Boby Digital
    Boby Digital

    The dunkin donut is a mixt between they can get sued and it makes people not buy dognut

  • infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch

    Daily Dose Of Internet: 👍😆👍

  • Pip Lampe
    Pip Lampe

    That pufferfish was like OH SHEEEEEE I LOOK HANDSOME!!

  • BS fishing
    BS fishing

    You’re wasting my time I appreciate it all I wanted to see was the puffer fish

  • gorgeous

    0:53 aww I'm attracted to that man

  • Kyle Ruth M. Najito
    Kyle Ruth M. Najito

    The person was looking at the pufferfish becuz the pufferfish might touch the person and pufferfishes are extremely poisonous

  • Tristan Jayden
    Tristan Jayden

    Plz make this comment the most likes on youtube plz,I had never had 1k likes so plz 🙏😢😫❤

  • Mel PM
    Mel PM

    Dunkin' should atleast throw it in a compost bin. Jesus, so much food waste

  • rodhisre2 still learning to do youtube
    rodhisre2 still learning to do youtube

    Man dunkin donuts hate helping the poor

  • Harithanimation

    wow i was dumb for thinking there was like 50 to 100 satelites only

  • noot noot
    noot noot


  • Cyberkid

    The second clip is priceless and funny, he never gonna clean that mess.

  • Cyberkid

    The puffer fish is adorable and I like how it is curious

  • f89ry7 PS4
    f89ry7 PS4

    Pretty sure the Dunkin doughnuts doesn’t allow that because that would just encourage people to drop out of school and be able to survive and live on the streets. I mean people need to go to school for things to continue to function. Idk that’s just my guess.

  • Justin Schraeder
    Justin Schraeder

    Paralyzed cat = Polite cat

  • hotthorns

    2:31 YOOOOOOO I have this video saved in lower quality as SLAMMER.MP4

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    They are forced to throw away food, there was a time stores would give away food at the end of the day to food banks and homeless shelters, but about 30 years ago there was a wave of law suits against major and minor stores accusing them of food poisoning, most of the law suits failed because most courts knew you can't ethically punish someone for giving away free food when no one is forcing you to take it, let alone eat it. So evil lawyers started suing the states for not punishing these business and eventually went to government and found even more evil politicians to go alone with it and in only a few years managed to make laws that allowed people to sue for getting a tummy ache from free food, then it got even worse, when companies were forced to toss out the food, people would go through the trash and get what was essentially fresh day old food, and once again evil people with the help of evil lawyers and politicians made it so companies could be sued for a tummy ack from food someone got out of the trash. Now companies spend big bucks to secure their trash, many stores actually spend more effort and money protecting their trash then they do their own merchandise and cash registers because it some asshole manages to get a day old donut out of the dumpster he can sue the store for thousands of dollars.

  • ALLALTITUDE productions
    ALLALTITUDE productions

    fired for giving away donuts that were being thrown in the trash anyway. fff . . . . family friendly channel. screw? can I say screw? screw Dunkin donuts .

  • Gunny 1
    Gunny 1

    That Dog was so disappointed. 😅

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar

    Poor guy he wanted to give out donuts but got fired.

  • {Its_Gacha_Emma}

    Aww the pufferfish was so adorable

  • Yours OFF
    Yours OFF

    2:30 kill it

  • Krillacreat

    That soap is representative of my current mental state.

  • crxsh

    Dude I love cats they are my favorite

  • Blake Ethell
    Blake Ethell

    i have a question about the satalites how do none of them have a colision?

  • Newbier

    Pufferfish: “Remember to tag me this time bro.”

  • Andy_Paints

    I don’t blame that pufferfish if I see a strange creature in my home I am simple and want a selfie.

  • Seb Guitarist
    Seb Guitarist

    Can we talk about that dunk for a sec tho🔥🔥

  • xBluemoonx x
    xBluemoonx x

    They’re the literal definition of “👁👄👁”

  • Niels

    One of Your best yet!

  • prudhvi teja
    prudhvi teja

    Ok. They were Dunkin donuts.

  • Mike & Dawn Sales
    Mike & Dawn Sales

    I hate Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Drawing Bug
    Drawing Bug

    Omg the pufferfish so freaking cuteeee

  • K0nahiptic

    I love how he always put the title first

  • Flowey the Flower
    Flowey the Flower

    I hate Dunkin donuts now.

  • TheManudo00

    At least in my country the reason why companies need to get rid of the food is because THEY DID USED to give unsold food to the poor and shelters but then an entitled bum decided to sue McDonalds because according to him a biscuit gave him diarrhea so McDonalds preety much said "you know what fuck you now it all goes into the trash and our employees cant give you anything that has the McDonalds brand or while using the McDonald uniform" all the other big brands followed shortly

  • maggoteater


  • thang mun mang
    thang mun mang

    2:33 how does he do that I would fall and break my neck 😂

  • anges barbara
    anges barbara

    The tiny nickel roughly post because comfort immunohistochemically visit till a shut receipt. hospitable, terrific face

  • Ashely Green
    Ashely Green

    I just loved little Beatrice 🐽😍

  • Marjen Marjen
    Marjen Marjen

    1:11 Me loves donuts: No you should have given it to me o the others*sobs*😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Angshuman Bhattacharyya
    Angshuman Bhattacharyya

    My dude was fired for donating .wow

  • PRO FF
    PRO FF

    2:13 bruh that was ants

  • OvervoltX

    yeah yeah yeah, law that law this. do you think someone who is starving on the road has the audacity to sue someone who just want to help them? unless they're rotten to the core, i doubt any of them would. you've never starved, so you can easily says something about law and shit, and i can say shit like this because i've never get sued in my life before. cmon, man. those donuts are baked just a few hours before. if it's so risky, then tell me why i don't get sick after eating a 2 days old room temperature donut? i know you know why they put it in the garbage rather than giving it to those homeless and fuckin fired the employee for doing it.

  • Leonardo Viteri 2026
    Leonardo Viteri 2026

    basket ball guy: I won but a what cost

  • Lovely Faye
    Lovely Faye

    Why does nobody talking about the second video🤔

  • TomatoGatcha

    Dude wall-e was right... looks how many freakin satellites there are

  • Make-Øut -Hill
    Make-Øut -Hill

    Love your Channel 💘

  • connor bialowas
    connor bialowas

    Whoever fired that guy is an asshole

  • SharkTheGamerBoy _yt
    SharkTheGamerBoy _yt


  • Bendaboy


  • Internet duck
    Internet duck

    The donuts one is why we have a food waste problem

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