Woman Easily Opens Jar After Watching Men Struggle
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  • Fuhe Yu
    Fuhe Yu

    That first clip is the definition of "Work smarter, not harder."

    • XxMedicatedChildxX

      Right! Because the idea that she's stronger than those men is ridiculous.

    • Jace Kenly Francisco
      Jace Kenly Francisco

      You got the spirit

    • Max Prime Jr
      Max Prime Jr

      @FBIAgent93 FBI YOU KILLED MY HAMSTER NOW I OOF YOU BEEP BEPP SHOTGUN I Love ❤️ you all have a fight right right I’m going right to sleep I’m going to be like a week so I’m hungry 🤤 I’ll get some soup for dinner I’ll get you

    • Vukašin Bosanac
      Vukašin Bosanac


    • Taxtro

      @Happsy Nope. Men are smarter, too.

  • Michelle Ricks
    Michelle Ricks

    that bird was a killdeer

  • Emerald

    That’s so cool

  • THOR The God of Thunder
    THOR The God of Thunder

    0:50 GTA be like

  • Santa Klaus
    Santa Klaus

    1:46 she a runner she a track star

  • Jäger

    I think by slamming to lid on the table she made a gap. Thus destroying the vaccum inside.

  • little_lps1231 YT
    little_lps1231 YT

    BROO THATS HOW I OPEN CANS ECT like jam water bottles ect i legit hit the lid on something and bang bang then boom it's opened! then there's ppl struggling there heads off and yes i found out how to bang bang the lid of something to open it easy by my self :)

  • Solo Wing Pixy
    Solo Wing Pixy

    0:30 that TBM Avenger was just finished in restoration, then taken to an airshow in FL to fly again but the engine died and she sadly went down in the salt water. Their going to try to restore her again but her engine will need to be replaced...I know this because I have a friend who's friend restored that plane and I was going to ask if I can see it up close for a research project in a few months.

  • Tony Myers
    Tony Myers

    Love your content

  • Arisht Jain
    Arisht Jain

    Still women can't explain why they need alimony

  • Poison Ace
    Poison Ace

    Am I the only one who tho it the dude with the long hair in the thumb nail was the girl ?

  • StraingerThingz

    0:59 When the bros are hanging out and invite you

  • ALIcIA fAE
    ALIcIA fAE

    The bird one was really sad

  • Max Adventure
    Max Adventure

    Oh my God I literally cried in the grandpa video 😭😭😭😭

  • kalyan ytc
    kalyan ytc

    Where do you get all these clips


    The men clearly loosened it up for her

  • Damian Reyes Avila
    Damian Reyes Avila

    .Amazing Earth life House Daily Dose of Internet Channel in Year 2021.🌎.

  • Logan Tomachesky
    Logan Tomachesky

    0:05 This guy is on the current season of Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns !!

  • Shisui 7858
    Shisui 7858

    The jar was already loosened beacause of how they all opened it

  • Shizuka Mori
    Shizuka Mori

    0:22. That old trick of opening a jar was something already known by our great grandparents.

  • Apple

    She’s smart, wow

  • TheMemeMasterJared

    Meanwhile in an alternate universe... "Man easily opens jar after seeing women struggle"

  • Felix Paz
    Felix Paz

    Damn that old man has probably killed people

  • Khafid

    I'm indonesian, shit thats why it's so hard to get up of my bed. Especially at 6am

  • Michael Domingo
    Michael Domingo


  • Nario

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Antonio from the current season of Hell’s Kitchen is in the first video?

  • riku

    "b-but man strong smart woman dumb weak 🙁☹️😭😭😢😥😰😨😧😦"

  • Michael Larsonc k
    Michael Larsonc k

    The ambulance driver should have driven through the cone's. The human life is more important than a stupid cone or ambulance. It's perfectly capable of driving over insignificant things. All the people did and the ambulance driver did is waste time.

  • KJ Ujhazy
    KJ Ujhazy

    you're supposed to knock it on the edge of something to break open the air seal lol

  • Kristy

    the 2:25 one reaaaaaaally got me

  • Literable

    The men be like: uhh *I loosened it*

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D

    Lmao I first learned this when i used oxyacetylene cutting tanks. (Oxygen and acetylene) and had to put caps on them. We would take a hammer and tap on them to screw the caps down or take them off

  • Kayro Fredericks
    Kayro Fredericks

    This is literally the best ILcomp channel 🔥

  • breezy

    2:48 *Pugo*

  • Gwyneth Hocson
    Gwyneth Hocson

    Aww the grandpa almost made me cry

  • Atsuoki ✓
    Atsuoki ✓

    1:09 Me stealing my bestie from their parents just to go to my house

  • Worms :v
    Worms :v

    The first clip is the reason why women shouldn't be underestimated umu

    • Liguo Wang
      Liguo Wang

      Woman have more rights now and men are made fun of and and not treated equal in school

  • Da Gamer
    Da Gamer

    Nobody: RC car: *GAS GAS GAS*

  • Christina Dozal
    Christina Dozal

    The first guy trying to open the jar is on hell's kitchen this season

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    Lol I usually flip the jar upside down and bang the lid hard onto the counter onxe or twice then twist and yay hooray

  • Dabstronaut

    Brains over muscles

  • alexiens

    See, Womrn can do as mush as Men

    • Papyfun

      well you can’t even spell right

  • BubbleTea

    Of course it would be a Florida driver

  • Emi

    0:27 that was in cocoa beach florida april 7th I believe they were having a air show with a ton of war war II planes (stored in a museum) I was lucky enough to get to seen that plane on the 1st of April! It’s also a very good thing they didn’t plan the air show a week before, the beach was filled with people! He would have hit a kid if it were a week earlier.

  • random guy
    random guy

    The men : we loosend it for her We just wanted her to feel she was strong

  • DinoKeii

    My mom when i broke something: 1:09

  • Vincent R
    Vincent R

    The thing you can learn here is to never uderistimate women.

  • Anonymous

    "I hope that made your day just a little better." Bruh, you nearly had me crying at 2:11. 😕

  • Melissa Sierra
    Melissa Sierra

    Yassss go girl

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    That Women is a LEGEND she opened that jar like nothing, yes AIR PRESURE can defeat any man in opening up a jar, that's what you do when a jar is stuborn, you have to break the air preasure that build up in a jar. LoL 🤷👍😂 Women power of intelligence. 👍🤷😂

  • Iker Pedraza Proskauer
    Iker Pedraza Proskauer

    Looks like the jar opened up to her

  • MR.terra69

    Its from florida im not suprise 0:45

  • Lockett Dokett
    Lockett Dokett

    The first clip they loosened it

  • Leah Day
    Leah Day

    The first 1 lol

  • Demure Darling
    Demure Darling


  • Breslov Torah Shiurim B'H
    Breslov Torah Shiurim B'H

    Florida drivers...lol.

  • random _Weirdog
    random _Weirdog

    1:05 DA HECK!

  • Rog Rod
    Rog Rod

    anything from NASA is bullshit

  • African Music OFFICIAL
    African Music OFFICIAL

    Florida man at it again

  • Oox Lan
    Oox Lan

    We usually said woman can do whatever man can do. But woman works with method, man just working with strength.

  • Gennil Marielle Aponte
    Gennil Marielle Aponte

    Tip to easily open a new jar: Release the tension of the lid by creating dents around the lid. Then try opening it

  • Ahin Muhammed
    Ahin Muhammed

    “How can he make my day best when the videos only 3:23 minutes? My brother asking Me :get the f*** out of the room u b**** I’m his big fan.

  • ZayTaz

    Everybody: Talking about the other stuff* Me: That scream after she opened the jar-

  • Steryon91

    you can actually see the guy unscrewed the jar lid a bit... yikes.

  • Lillouie

    I’m guessing it was a ferret but it was like Bro finally ur our we are abt to be LATE

  • Sapphire Channel
    Sapphire Channel

    So cool

  • Luke McKee
    Luke McKee

    One of those birds lives at the farm I work at and whenever I walk by this one spot it’s always doing that to me

  • Jonathan Sheppard
    Jonathan Sheppard

    Everyone: Paul Walker is dead Paul Walker in 2021: 0:56

  • one kind
    one kind

    I tried that opening jar trick and I and up breaking the jar

  • Cherry Cookie
    Cherry Cookie

    Nothing can makes u cooler than opening a jar when the others can’t as a woman 😎💪🏻

    • Ethan Opens86
      Ethan Opens86


    • Cherry Cookie
      Cherry Cookie

      @Ethan Opens86 Trick or intelligence or maybe strength it does not matter she was cool

    • Ethan Opens86
      Ethan Opens86

      That’s all

    • Ethan Opens86
      Ethan Opens86

      They were using just pure force, the woman knew a trick

  • Jesan Gaming
    Jesan Gaming

    This video has been watched by socks for 1😍

  • Bigkahuna18

    Fast n furious

  • Mr Bleak
    Mr Bleak

    That remote control car is one of my 37 year old life goals.

  • Mr Bleak
    Mr Bleak

    Smack the edge with a knife, get a rubber band. Jesus.

  • Blossom x Butterfly
    Blossom x Butterfly

    1:40 Jesus as an RC car GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Everyone knows you got to tap out those air bubbles to make it easier

  • Solar

    Very Cool Video

  • Toefus Foetus
    Toefus Foetus

    Plot twist: the video is actually reversed

  • James Berg
    James Berg

    Whatever the man loosened it for her

  • Yabdi Football Challenges
    Yabdi Football Challenges

    Thats what you call a pro gamer move

  • Cana

    0:46 That's why we say florida man

  • Junior Fn
    Junior Fn

    Who cares

  • G U R T Y B R O
    G U R T Y B R O

    The only reason she could open it easily is because the men did 99 percent of the work and she hit it against a table

  • forty inches
    forty inches

    Maybe this is why filipinos are short? The gravity is stronger. 🤔

    • Papyfun

      lmao i can relate

  • Grammar Officer Krupke
    Grammar Officer Krupke

    There was no need to tell us that the bridge jump happened in Florida. Where else?

  • Afrah Khizer
    Afrah Khizer

    That first clip shows how high stats a woman can get

  • Wan Hairi Wan Mahsin
    Wan Hairi Wan Mahsin

    U can feel his heart @2:20 how he really miss his late wife when he said "Its her" (sobbed),, and Im a type of guy that will cry when watching this kind of clip video.

  • Thelegendarymax888 -Roblox
    Thelegendarymax888 -Roblox

    hail the queen

  • • liantafalla •
    • liantafalla •

    The first clip is true about me and my brother Brother*strugeling to open the nutella jar* Me:lemme try Brother: okay? Me:*easily opens*

  • FelixTBR

    She really didn't open it

  • Pao Ri
    Pao Ri

    Awww the old man who lost his wife is so wholesome

  • Woah

    0:46 the average florida man.

  • Dan Might
    Dan Might


  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    I like how you put the main attraction first

  • Joey Cruz
    Joey Cruz

    She had a cheat code though...

  • ILikeBTS

    Real Thug life be like

  • Akash Garg
    Akash Garg

    1:05 Finding nemo

  • Teja Koripalli
    Teja Koripalli

    Ah yes the classic “i loosened it for you”.

  • Dalton Bird
    Dalton Bird

    Fuk they need to make a movie of flash or dog speed doing that🤣

    • Dalton Bird
      Dalton Bird

      God speed

  • Mitch Wranich
    Mitch Wranich

    0:43 his name is the big footed food snatcher

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