Dog Amazes People By Running Over Pool
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dog runs over a pool and amazes people.

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Also in this video, a man has difficulty removing food from an oven. A cat does not like being touched. U.S. Marines practice in a rollover machine. A man can mimic sounds of birds. A pilot turns down the lights on a runway. A possum is in a cage.

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  • TheCatLadytm

    Man who doesn't want to take out the garbage: _I N F L A T E_

    • Fantastic Slimetastic
      Fantastic Slimetastic


    • 69SUGOI69

      oh no i've been on rule34 too much

    • Momy Foot
      Momy Foot


    • Orphan


    • Camo_Dude


  • Steeveedragoon

    Generally speaking, it is scientifically possible for dogs to run on water, as it is for humans. How it's done is cool, but not anything like running really fast. The way it's possible has to do with air being lighter than water. If we can find a way to trap air under out feet then we could theoretically run on water. I think the best humans have done is a few steps. The real problem is our weight, we're too heavy to do anything like that. As for the idea, evolution made a lizard do the homework. Basalisk Lizards are a species of lizards that can run on water because of their webbed feet.

  • Cryo Crystal Inc
    Cryo Crystal Inc

    Naw man that dog is Jesus!

  • Deo Cabigon
    Deo Cabigon

    POV: you came from a tiktok

  • Wild Breakfast
    Wild Breakfast

    I’ve never wanted to go inside a washing machine so much in my entire life

  • • m a r ï e •
    • m a r ï e •

    0:36 My mom When she sees my report card

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann

    The cat....bahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Furrygorila64

    That dog is god reincarnated

  • Daniel Doria
    Daniel Doria

    Amazing that guy doing the birds!!!

  • JT Trickshots
    JT Trickshots

    I still don't understand how the dog ran on a net!!!

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    00:50 Me watching my brother 6 years ago as he misspells all the Pokémon

  • Zephyr Master
    Zephyr Master

    I can actually do some pretty good vehicle noises. DDOI, if you want a video, just ask (they're really realistic).

  • Tommy

    how the dog do that

  • Glenn John
    Glenn John

    Guess you never seen a clear pool cover before...

  • Rachhanon Sam
    Rachhanon Sam

    bro this d9g has water walking powers

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    1:02 That Would Make Me Throw Up

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis

    Imagine being so stupid you wear a mask.

  • Edward Theo
    Edward Theo

    0:27 anesongib?

  • Colin Riches
    Colin Riches

    Jesus got nothing on this dog

  • Abura

    Dog backwards is God *Dog = Jesus Confirmed*

  • र្ហຫ່໑ູR A Y Y A Nرايين雷揚
    र្ហຫ່໑ູR A Y Y A Nرايين雷揚

    When christian relize not only jesus can walk on water Im muslim btw

  • Macroy 64
    Macroy 64

    what the dog doin

  • Freedom Of Speech
    Freedom Of Speech

    jesus became a real dawg

  • Hibah Price
    Hibah Price

    If you watch a surprised cat many times, then it becomes sad (((and before that she had an expression like "are you serious?")

  • vvw

    the squirrels are adorable 😭

  • Ahron Wayne
    Ahron Wayne

    In a few hundred years there may be squirrels that are completely domesticated; they are certainly on that path

  • meredith lockhart hutton
    meredith lockhart hutton

    the cat is me to i'm disgusted by baby

  • ꧁Comet Hehe꧂
    ꧁Comet Hehe꧂

    0:30 😭😭😭

  • Signe Dahl
    Signe Dahl

    2:17 How I feel in school

  • Signe Dahl
    Signe Dahl

    0:40 Same Cat, Same

  • Signe Dahl
    Signe Dahl

    0:31 That was definetly a monday

  • Marko Petkovic
    Marko Petkovic

    That cat is me

  • 1KB04_Alfian Wisnu Nugroho
    1KB04_Alfian Wisnu Nugroho

    Seems Kakashi lost his dog

  • Atlantis

    I wish I had the bird calling skills of that guy...I could do some serious babe calling at my next visit to the disco bar!

  • Csr racing 2 review
    Csr racing 2 review

    Diatom? Get dat outta here

  • EpiclyEpic

    1:52 man be a human pufferfish

  • TheMemeMasterJared

    Meanwhile in an alternate universe... "Human disappoints dogs by sinking into pool"

  • David Shields
    David Shields

    Those little grey bastards deserve to be rocket launched into a river. Vermin. The reds are beautiful beautiful creatures

  • CookieDoughmonsterTravels

    Damn they got me. I thought Jesus came back as a pup

  • Yair Weinberg
    Yair Weinberg

    Everyone thought Jesus would be ressurected as a human... Who knew

  • Jorge Wemyss
    Jorge Wemyss

    Squirrel story ends with a massive squirrel protest destroying his house and demanding free food for all

  • Y u r o
    Y u r o

    Hand reveal of his hand huhu

  • ECHO 456
    ECHO 456

    2.42 noice

  • Edrian Yumul
    Edrian Yumul

    I didn't notice that there was a net and after he said.."There was netting in the pool that made it looked like the dog walked in water" 🥴🥴

  • Keri Monaco
    Keri Monaco

    How hard is it to take a pizza out of the oven

  • Runald lang
    Runald lang

    This shit makes naruto look real

  • Lil Kitto
    Lil Kitto


    • Lil Kitto
      Lil Kitto

      me dissapointed after realizing there was a net

  • Olan Douglas Webb
    Olan Douglas Webb

    Jesus Christ's dog.

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi


  • Xavier Roberts
    Xavier Roberts

    Is that dog jesus

  • lmao-Erjon

    50% jesus 25%dog 25%monke

  • Bruu

    A covered pool but ok..

  • 30 -0
    30 -0

    That pilot reminds me of a poo see

  • michael allison
    michael allison

    I don’t get how people have such a hard time taking shit out of the oven just cracks me up

  • demarius conley
    demarius conley

    2:46 my little cousin when I sneak to play my game

  • Snoop dog 2.0 Smith
    Snoop dog 2.0 Smith

    I bet the guy with the bird sounds can do R2D2 from star wars.

  • crandf

    If it fell in the pool with netting, would it down?

  • Kancer- 19
    Kancer- 19


  • Jay

    Dont put fake videos in your content. Comonnnn

  • nykko73

    0:52 that cat face😄😄😉

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez

    Dog spelt backwards is god so expect it😂

  • Jay P.
    Jay P.

    first video was a bunch of drunk stupid YT PIPO

  • handstampedbylee

    Dog is God spelt backwards Dog walks on water Coincidence? I think not

  • Francisco Monterrosa
    Francisco Monterrosa

    Dog jesus.

  • G U R T Y B R O
    G U R T Y B R O

    There was netting in the pool!

  • just trying
    just trying

    There's a net over the pool

  • mahendra hendra gaming
    mahendra hendra gaming


  • Noodle Hat
    Noodle Hat

    The Jesus of dogs

  • Tony Myers
    Tony Myers

    The squirrel whisperer lol that’s cool

  • John Arizona
    John Arizona


  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    Mr daily dose of internet if you feed those squirrels they might do somth8ng bad like my grandma and my grate grand pa and my grate grandma fed squirrels until one got into the car or somthing l8ke that and had to get their ca4 repaird

  • Gaming God
    Gaming God

    Jesus dog?

  • Neil Lynch
    Neil Lynch

    You shouldn't hand-feed wild animals. The clue is in the word, 'wild'.

  • Steven Keane
    Steven Keane

    And here I thought the Lord has come back to Earth😂

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours

    Man turned into a puffer fish lol

  • BlaBlog101

    The squirrels were impressive, very polite.

  • Queball

    What they still screamin dramatic

  • Samantha Pauline
    Samantha Pauline

    That's why possums are my favorite animal.

  • lila rose
    lila rose

    @ 2:20 🥰

  • Carl

    Is the narrator Napoleon Dynamites brother, Kip ?

  • This guy again
    This guy again

    Me and the cat have the same hatred

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    Bro never cook anything ever every again.

  • Amanda Long
    Amanda Long

    Aww that poor possum 🥺

  • WoofWoof🐶

    That doggo literally AMAZED me!!😱😱

  • Brent Justice
    Brent Justice

    0:41 i haven’t laughed so hard all day

  • Charles Stidham
    Charles Stidham

    What's so amazing about a dog running over a security net?

  • Truthhouse Productions
    Truthhouse Productions

    Sweep your deck

  • N.t

    A Dog running on water, that’s crazy

  • Hooman_Gril - Ashy
    Hooman_Gril - Ashy

    God spelled backwards is dog

  • Doug_gamer

    So this is Jesus final form

  • Negative

    the guy making pizza was definently fucking hammered dude.

  • Jack T
    Jack T

    Jesus dog

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar

    I can do a ringneck call 📞

  • jimmy georgiadis
    jimmy georgiadis

    That dude with the pizza, it just wasn’t his day

  • Jiovanny Aparicio
    Jiovanny Aparicio

    1:55 expansion jutsu

  • Comanche Warrior
    Comanche Warrior

    0:55 : *Me when I got sick of my ex girlfriend and said* " *Bye Felicia* " ✌🏼

  • Brian Giatti
    Brian Giatti

    Her: Come over, parents are gone Me: 0:58 can't right now, rolling with the boys

  • Krooked

    0:05 Lmao ahahah I'm so fucking blind, how could I not see the netting there?

  • lkporter1989

    Roll over in real life can be waaaay more violent than that slow roll

  • Alexander Nixon
    Alexander Nixon


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