Bees are Getting Smarter
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, smart bees figure out how to open a bottle of soda.

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Also in this video, a dog has a seizure. A bug holds on to a drill. A clam fights back. A sheep dog has a difficult time with a sheep. A snapping turtle bites a water bottle.people skydive from a helicopter. A timelapse of a lunar eclipse. 2 cats hugs each other.

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  • Kyle Chen
    Kyle Chen


    • I_Am_Coral


    • Phantom Elixir
      Phantom Elixir

      *viva la revolution, lol.*

    • •NightBlaze•


    • Qualtent


    • Gaming With Mango And RRR
      Gaming With Mango And RRR

      What? I dont get it

  • Adam stewart Prestage
    Adam stewart Prestage

    Come on admit it who else thought the tungsten ball was melting and not the lead anvil. I did.

  • Dest iny
    Dest iny

    *Seems like the only ones getting more retarded are us humans*

  • Tube You
    Tube You

    Dat turtle BITCH

  • Kristian Kviesgaard
    Kristian Kviesgaard

    Best you ever made!

  • Luiz Gabriel de Osti
    Luiz Gabriel de Osti

    Don't believe in Fernando

  • JokerMan

    Sheep: Remember remember, the 5th of November.

  • Rahiem Nowell
    Rahiem Nowell

    Smoking it dont do that...Thats buul shit

  • Rahiem Nowell
    Rahiem Nowell

    Bees just moved the cap it wasnt screwed on

    • Goten

      Force means pulling or pushing an object AND OF COURSE YOU PUSH the cap with fingers

    • Goten

      Even you move the cap idiot

    • Goten

      They don't have enough strength to do that

  • jackseptiseyeee

    turtles are allergic to water please do not give waters to turtles

  • Fumlarn - 2007
    Fumlarn - 2007

    0:46 scared the living fuck out of me

  • qm

    0:03 next thing we know theyre gonna open a door knob

  • Retr0Robbin

    As an Australian I get a kick out of Americans not recognising the power of their own animals. I’d never get within striking distance of a snapping turtle

  • randuk

    0:23 my friends stopping me from doing dumb things

  • DuckyPolice

    at 0:54 i thought my moms phone was ringing XD

  • Sapko :D
    Sapko :D

    first bees was 1 iQ and then now they after hearing that now bees are geniuw

  • Bacon King Animations
    Bacon King Animations

    I’m glad to see the golden retriever was thankful for the other dog to save his life.

  • Julienne

    Sheep: I'm not a sheep

  • Roblox Steven
    Roblox Steven

    Oh no, i better tell my grandfather to stop smoking-

  • eri dragu :3
    eri dragu :3

    Essas abelha de hoje em dia em,la no acre elas sabem abrir portas já.

  • Crazymation

    Wait for bees to unlock your house

  • felipe gomes
    felipe gomes

    Br domina kkkkk

  • Cat Chan ツ
    Cat Chan ツ

    The first one is from Brazil (I’m Brazilian and now I’m scared ._.)

  • AC cho
    AC cho

    mr beats were you at

  • Yeet bolt
    Yeet bolt

    bug go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    Sheep: fights back Dog: I wasn’t trained for this crap

  • Virginia Guedez
    Virginia Guedez

    2:09 Lol i see that video

  • Virginia Guedez
    Virginia Guedez

    1:14 The rebel sheep

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      It wasnt a sheep it was a lamb

  • Stewiedude1

    The bug on the drill isn't funny, its cruel. I doubt it was holding on out of anything more than fear. Most drills spin up to 1500 rpm, assuming the bug is 0.5cm from the axis it's experiencing an acceleration equivalent to 12.6G, easily enough to kill a human if sustained. That chap is a POS and that clip should not be on here. Animal abuse isn't funny regardless of anything else. For reference, if you scale that up to the size of a person, and assume they spin at a distance of 10cm from the axis, they'd experience 251G and would definitely die.

    • Swaggy Funan
      Swaggy Funan

      I'm surprised it lived

  • Noah Gassler
    Noah Gassler

    2:20 haha yeah there's a reason i broke up with my ex

  • Cha Cha Papa
    Cha Cha Papa

    2:39 The Blood Moon is rising...

  • Zain

    thats gotta be like the ant man for bees


    polska XD

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly


  • ChuotVy

    2021 is great

  • 吖Axl•扑里的哦

    2:13 not everything that is inhaled goes to the lungs they also excrete so only a little goes to the lungs

  • fattus.rattus

    *bees open bottle* Then fall and drown in it

  • idk idk
    idk idk

    2:00 you have a lot of potential energy why dont you use it

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Sheep: fights back Dog: I wasn’t trained for this crap

  • IAmBreadbear

    sorry everyone, the bees are now the dominant species. everyone go home, no more development

  • Miguel A.
    Miguel A.

    That sheep was an atheist

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      2:27 that’s not my lungs 🫁 that’s cotton.

  • Hayley Anna
    Hayley Anna

    The prickly softball intraorally destroy because feet internally number upon a lumpy jewel. cynical, irate wax

  • Rip Van Winkle
    Rip Van Winkle

    It wasnt a sheep it was a lamb


    1:00 sir that is bug/animal abuse😈✨

  • robert boykin
    robert boykin

    snapper strike distance can be a LOT farther than that.

  • robert boykin
    robert boykin

    I'm glad i saw that. Swollowing a bee could bee thee end of mee.

  • Rom-Dara

    Just on Brasil for That works😂 S M A R T B E E

  • Rich Drury
    Rich Drury

    What's with the gay voice


    The date on 0:26 was the same day as my birthday fun fact

  • Arya dawod
    Arya dawod

    0:48 i had a heart attack

  • Pushkar Tiwari
    Pushkar Tiwari

    don't worry, sheep probably watched some shonen anime

  • can be anything
    can be anything

    Bees are smart. I once saw two bees help each other steal a piece of meat

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Sheep: fights back Dog: I wasn’t trained for this crap

  • Usmon Narimanov
    Usmon Narimanov

    That bug just didn’t wanna let go

  • Fire Groups
    Fire Groups

    2:03 is evreybody living near edmonton when i made this comment

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      He didn't really "create" the breathing machine, that sort of contraption has been done a zillion times.

  • Theunstoppable _1
    Theunstoppable _1

    2:27 that’s not my lungs 🫁 that’s cotton.

  • Jason Does Stuff
    Jason Does Stuff

    Guys maybe the turtle was thirsty and realized that the water must come from the bottle so he took it. Not some horrid crime to supply a creature with what it needs

  • Diamond_Enderman

    0:47 that clam scared me so bad I thought it hit me

  • Niger

    At 0:57 it's a stinkbug my guy

  • Derek Rupell
    Derek Rupell

    random guy: *gets sprayed with water by a clam* The bug on the drill the next second: *SpIiIiIiIiIiIiInNnNnNnN*

  • Sean Blender
    Sean Blender

    dude when you see a spiky turtle you dont just go up to it

  • MarkFrank Maximum Production [M.M.P]
    MarkFrank Maximum Production [M.M.P]

    1:51 Perfectly cut screams


    The bee on the right Bobby: CMON JIMMY WE CAN DO THIS Jimmy: WE DID IT Bobby wait this ain’t pollen

  • chaos Hölle
    chaos Hölle

    Waht da

  • The News Breaker
    The News Breaker

    I saw that Chris notap video the other day

  • ridzuan husin
    ridzuan husin

    old bees:we get bullied now bees:what? wdym there no bullied me

  • Signe Dahl
    Signe Dahl

    1:10 The dog be like: Wait, that’s illegal

  • RiSk

    1:09 Plot twist: The dog is a bully and that sheep faces him

  • Jay Diamond Sonic
    Jay Diamond Sonic

    That's a nice dog

  • Yyyyzyyy

    He didn't really "create" the breathing machine, that sort of contraption has been done a zillion times.

  • Vasi Jojo
    Vasi Jojo

    F in replay for that bug

    • Vasi Jojo
      Vasi Jojo

      Any F?

  • Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe

    Brazilian Bees in Rio de Janeiro be like: 0:10

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo


  • Insert Good Name
    Insert Good Name

    I like this video


    Lol while that bug was on the drill the same bug was watching this vid on my arm but when I saw it I yeeted it out of my arm and packed my stuff and left my house after I sold it

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      The bug must have a fun ride dieing in peace

  • Cori Lane
    Cori Lane

    And bees will soon have a higher IQ than the average human and will want revenge for us eating there honey

  • CloudyplayzYT

    the most cute adorable ending

  • Damian Reyes Avila
    Damian Reyes Avila

    .🟢.Amazing Drink Cup Plastic Movie.🟢.

  • Sc0pee

    Bees are now getting dumber again, thanks to Thermocell. So it's fine!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Bee 1: Ah yes, we must collect the honey from this strange flower Bee 2: Yes we will!

  • Scarlet

    Dare: try to Rick roll us

  • Cast Du
    Cast Du

    The bees arnt that smart they just finna drown

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Bees: getting smarter by working together by opening a soda bottle Me: aW hElL nAaAaAaAaAh

  • B Burdette
    B Burdette


  • escola gacha
    escola gacha

    Ele notando os videos dos br kkk 1 hi from brasil

  • Suphatra Jumnongnart
    Suphatra Jumnongnart

    A dude:Nah they can only take of the cap 2076: bees has control of the nuclear weapons

  • AviatorAnimations

    Bees were already smart

  • WarriorDoodle OWO
    WarriorDoodle OWO

    I would have thank the bees for opening my soda

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez

    On an anvil made of LEAD NOT LEN.

  • rusty paperclip productions YT
    rusty paperclip productions YT

    We're all doomed first it's monkeys smoking and now this

  • Kaiden - Roblox
    Kaiden - Roblox

    The bug must have a fun ride dieing in peace

  • The Expired Marshmallow
    The Expired Marshmallow

    1:51 they removed save the turtles from their bio after that one

  • Philipe

    The first clip is from Brazillllll

  • arturiux mandarinas
    arturiux mandarinas

    That sheep was saying"Im nobodies bitch"

  • Clare Claratehia
    Clare Claratehia

    the smoking part was stupid

  • Ant Gaming
    Ant Gaming

    0:45 that scared me

  • Levi The Baddest
    Levi The Baddest

    I thought it was a jar of honey in the thumbnail. I thought them bees was taking back what's theirs

  • Shadow

    Bees: *getting smarter by working together by opening a soda bottle* Me: *aW hElL nAaAaAaAaAh*

  • Fried Potato
    Fried Potato

    Bees are soon going to be able to open our doors and attack us 😵‍💫

  • Luke Rakoske
    Luke Rakoske

    that poor bug

  • Sushi Slushi
    Sushi Slushi

    Someday the bees will rule the world

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