Man Stops Charging Elephant
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  • Silvan Brändli
    Silvan Brändli

    That Jupiter footage is insane🤯

    • Top Secret
      Top Secret

      Even better from NASA. They have different versions with altered filters to display different colors. Plus, EM sounds, or ‘experimental’.

    • Nerfkid 800
      Nerfkid 800

      That hamster footage is insane

    • Eli S
      Eli S

      Dude. You can’t see that it’s fake?

    • I Murdered My Pet Ant
      I Murdered My Pet Ant

      @HonorB 4Glory I'm not sure if this is a joke or not but if you are serious then it would be sad to say that you actually wouldn't be able to see the stars 🤦‍♂️

    • Markus Ennitt
      Markus Ennitt

      I am the 480th comment

  • jackseptiseyeee

    that child is in for a rude awakening mark my words

  • jackseptiseyeee

    jupiter is obviously photoshopped

  • jackseptiseyeee

    i bet that hamster real good at something else in his cheeks yuh know mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Noah’s Gaming or outside world
    Noah’s Gaming or outside world

    What the hell did they do to the hamster

  • :P

    why does the hamster have no fur

  • TheRatKing

    I can't be the only person that remembers that exact string thing but sold as a toy a few years ago

  • SeanMirrsen

    Man stops charging elephant; The elephant is now fully charged.

  • Marine Rusher
    Marine Rusher

    Great video man, keep it up!

  • a roblox kid
    a roblox kid

    Man use force to stop elephant

  • Fed Abdullah
    Fed Abdullah

    He used haki

  • Kazehaya-kun?


  • Christian's World
    Christian's World

    I watch one video then I can’t stop watching more

    • Mysterious Civilian
      Mysterious Civilian

      haha same

  • linh Lê
    linh Lê

    the man stopped the elephant is Chuck Norris

  • robert boykin
    robert boykin

    # 1 I saw that on an earlier showing. Elephant gives up, goes away.

  • Za idiot
    Za idiot

    He’s just using haki.

  • Starmoona

    I had one of those string-things as a kid. They sold them at Disney and looked awesome at night. They had a black light that made them glow in the dark. Super cool!

  • Neji Hyuga
    Neji Hyuga

    1:35 litterally everytime my dog is at the dog park

  • Rainbow man
    Rainbow man


  • Taste The Rainbow
    Taste The Rainbow

    That Elephant was Spectacular. I’m not sure exactly which army used elephants in battle, but I believe that made like armor ( for that time period) for the elephant head and I think on top of elephant was a driver that would steer the elephant in order to run over the enemy and also a bowman behind the driver shooting arrows at the enemy. Totally devastating I am sure - what are you going to do when you have 100 elephants running you over as a skilled bowman is shooting arrows in your ass - game over! The first tank.

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman

    0:29 Yooooo, what dat mouth do?

  • Jadyn F. Wong
    Jadyn F. Wong

    That man has *Unspeakable* powers

  • minetruly

    "Man stops charging elephant, gives it to him for free."

  • dawo 2007
    dawo 2007

    what is this soundtrack 1:42?

    • dawo 2007
      dawo 2007

      thx dawo

    • dawo 2007
      dawo 2007

      Bisiesto - Hiracutch

  • Jacko Slayer
    Jacko Slayer

    I feel like the elephant knew he wasn’t here to harm them, but was still trying to prove it’s something to not mess around with

  • Cool lemon
    Cool lemon

    1:01 thats me after covid19 ends

  • KID FF
    KID FF

    So hamster don't CHOke

  • KID FF
    KID FF

    I truly need the CONFIDENT of that man. Damm

  • simao barreira
    simao barreira

    love the grafics at 1.37

  • New Youtuber
    New Youtuber

    Alternative title man with star requim stops elephants chariot

  • Magnetic Fishing Madness
    Magnetic Fishing Madness

    The screaming bird made a sound that was almost identical to what I was thinking looking at that headbanging demon looking naked hamster O.o

  • LeoPlays

    The Jupiter footage is out of this world!

  • The biggest Packers fan
    The biggest Packers fan

    Jupiter one is insane

  • Zander Necaise
    Zander Necaise

    The elephant charge was a fake charge its ears weren't back if they were it was a reel charge

  • Taylor jaxon
    Taylor jaxon

    No one is commenting on the weird hamster

  • Shaggy

    "How do you stop an elephant from charging? Take away it's credit card" Kid named Elephant: 1:01

  • Jonathan Sheppard
    Jonathan Sheppard

    You: **brakes mom's favorite vase** Mom: Be home home in 5 mins You: 1:02

  • theboneisin

    he will use the sticks to craft a belt

  • Nwjjwuj Jisj
    Nwjjwuj Jisj

    so the hamster has no hair which means he is hairless and we can see the food inside his chicks

  • Miss Juicy
    Miss Juicy

    i thought fish didn't feel pain?

  • YouTube Guy
    YouTube Guy

    That man be using haki

  • Karato fn
    Karato fn

    I think the dog was watching too much bob ross Just give it a little *Shake*

  • Currently in Noah’s Basement
    Currently in Noah’s Basement

    1:03 POV: you drank coffee for the first time

  • Currently in Noah’s Basement
    Currently in Noah’s Basement

    Hamster do be necked tho

  • MikeMcD

    01:01 excited to go outside or terrified to go to the vet? LoL

  • Crimsonify

    his steel balls were so heavy that he couldn't walk

  • NA Rafty
    NA Rafty


  • 私はアニメが大好きです私

    The cameraman is so scary that make the elephant run away

  • Kenneth Raymond Moore
    Kenneth Raymond Moore

    I will never stop charging elephants. $35 for a tusk cleaning.

  • Donut Cats
    Donut Cats

    Daily does of internet: this is the end of the video i hope I made your day a little bit better Me: you made it 10x better


    The elephant be like " hey yo why you not running bro ?"

  • Bonk c:
    Bonk c:

    Both the cameraman and the man doing a stand off are radiating latent power, of course the elephant stopped

  • Michelle Muskeyn
    Michelle Muskeyn

    Ummmm.... that ain’t no hamster 🐹 🤣

  • inky mation 2.0
    inky mation 2.0

    Great news the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon accept him as your lord and Saviour believe your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for you you will be saved 🥰 God bless y'all,,

  • Bowser

    1:01 3rd grade me after lunch waiting for the teacher to say “recess”

    • Oscar Perez
      Oscar Perez

      LOL FR

  • The WW Wizard
    The WW Wizard

    your voice is incredibly soothing

  • bernardakoito

    That dog sees the vet who took something from him.

  • Obviously Mason
    Obviously Mason

    i can only imagine the rope burn from that string

  • Obviously Mason
    Obviously Mason

    that dog is everyone during quarantine

  • i am photosentisizing
    i am photosentisizing

    "homophobic flowers"

    • Papyfun


  • jorge fernandez
    jorge fernandez

    Ha soy Pablo hi julian

  • jorge fernandez
    jorge fernandez

    Ha soy Pablo hi julian

  • HunterShows

    I'm glad that man stopped charging that elephant.

    • I took an L
      I took an L

      The elephant was actually bluffing, there are multiple signs if an elephant is bluffing or if it's charging at you for real. The man knew this, which is why he stood his ground.

  • TheAdvertisement

    I was almost rooting for that kid getting surgery to stay awake until I remembered that's a bad idea.

  • Davilliox

    i know why the elephant stopped its beacuse the elephant gets hit by the stick he is holding so much that it is scared of it.

    • I took an L
      I took an L

      Nope, the elephant was bluffing. In the video you see the elephant's trunk wiggling around while charging at the dude, that means the elephant is bluffing and he doesn't really want to hit you.

  • Ace

    0:17 *zoologist b*tch* I hope you still remember that iconic line haha

  • Andrew Selfridge
    Andrew Selfridge


  • malin jayawardane
    malin jayawardane

    That hamster thick

  • Ss Minty Fresh
    Ss Minty Fresh

    God Bless everyone you can turn to God before it’s to late you have free will

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    The elephant scene But you Takkar, are the beast master!🤣👍🏻


    That elephant: he's some avengers level threat!

  • AceOrca Vll
    AceOrca Vll

    The true chad

  • Valauris

    That parrot sounds exactly like that one sound in angry birds! Imagine AAAAAAAHHIGIHAA

  • Parth Vader
    Parth Vader

    0:06 real life footage of Chuck Norris

  • Kenn

    dad whips out the belt

  • Talkative

    The elephant just got scared by the size of his balls.

  • Abdulmajeed Alrouqi
    Abdulmajeed Alrouqi

    Man be like : you shall not pass

  • lwolf1952

    To stop a charging elephant take away its credit card.

  • Geno cyde
    Geno cyde

    The kid fighting the sedatives is me all the way XD

  • SkullSmasher Hate
    SkullSmasher Hate

    Elephant: I'm fast as -- Man: STOP! Elephant: Aw, man! Man: Hmph!

  • The Pumpkin Pie
    The Pumpkin Pie

    I has Anesthesia awareness once. Scary.


    Man:look at me Elephant:👀 Man:am the captain now

  • Bryan Merrick
    Bryan Merrick

    How is no one talking about the screaming bird 🤣🤣

  • collynd yezkiel
    collynd yezkiel

    Man has too much balls of steel

  • boop

    *Hes just standing there.. MENACINGLY!!*

  • Aki .
    Aki .

    he has the qualities of a king!

  • Novella_playz

    Uhhh surgery on fish??? I mean it’s heart warming but- it’s just.. OMG LOL

  • joja roka
    joja roka

    The hamster looks horrifying

  • angelo quebral
    angelo quebral

    That Man is like tarzan he be like Remember me

  • JumboC17

    Everybody on their 1st date 1:03

  • Evjmte

    yup, thats conquerors’ haki

  • The jager bomber
    The jager bomber

    🐘 wtf!

  • Nicolai Przygodda
    Nicolai Przygodda

    Min. 3:00 aww this teacher is so kind

  • PëaNūT

    hmm hamsters arent cute without hair

  • bobby

    the standing man stands

  • Andrew Duckett
    Andrew Duckett

    How the man stopped the elephant me like 👁👄👁

  • Seren Marion
    Seren Marion

    Ooh fun fact dogs do that so much all dogs I know do that but thank u

  • Racquel Bennett
    Racquel Bennett

    It was the screaming parrot for me


    the string one

  • volz man
    volz man

    That dog is a alcoholic it just needs a drink.

    • Skoet Konung
      Skoet Konung


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