He Really Took a Fish For a Walk
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a person takes their fish for a walk using a leash.

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Also in this video, someone is holding a giant African land snail. What it looks like to refuel a hydrogen powered car. A dog plays in the mud. A cat runs on a wheel. A tortoise rolls down a hill. A cinematic drone video of a cliff. A cat is sleep talking. Why horses wear a mask.

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  • Used Name Tag
    Used Name Tag

    I wish I had a fish to walk

    • Jennifer N.
      Jennifer N.

      Lol lmao

    • Dianne Nakai
      Dianne Nakai

      Me too(x?)

    • Kai zilla
      Kai zilla

      Mine died to :(

    • votdel


    • votdel


  • Samantha Payne
    Samantha Payne

    2:18 is that the Perrine bridge?

  • Paradøx Incøgnitø
    Paradøx Incøgnitø

    Elytras be like: 1:20

  • Hero & Pikachu
    Hero & Pikachu

    I want a pet catfish now


    The Fish Was Like This Place Is Full Of Water Wanna Go For A Walk

  • Hase

    Pleas don’t take you fish on a walk. Should be obvious, but this so much stress and anxiety for them. It’s animal abuse to be correct. Fish are as valid as dogs and cats, don’t miss treat them you bc they can’t express their emotions like other animals. Thank you.

  • RS


  • iiMochiCupcake

    What if the water stoped

  • Michael Nicholson
    Michael Nicholson

    1:14. *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*

  • Rozy perez
    Rozy perez

    Ngl the snail be cute tho

  • Ginger_Sweet

    It’s all fun and games until your car becomes the Hindenburg disaster

  • Tito Casado
    Tito Casado

    The first one was the best

  • OffsetCircle 1
    OffsetCircle 1

    I am stoked for those hydrogen combustion cars

  • Kazucchii AFF
    Kazucchii AFF

    "He really took a fish for a walk" Of course, it's a CATfish after all..

  • Vatsal Chhabra
    Vatsal Chhabra

    When you misunderstand the song " we will rock you"

  • Kevin

    Yay Hydrogen, a fuel that eats metal.

  • gooose

    2:00 is that PH music?

  • Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
    Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan


  • allan wells
    allan wells

    Plot Twist: he went to the pound to pick up his new dog but was catfished while doing so

  • fattus.rattus

    My fishies died in march I wanna take them for a walk now c':

  • Arsh

    Hello everyone this *Youuurrrr* daily dose of internet

  • illuminalios mc
    illuminalios mc

    me so confused corse how do hydrogen power a car

  • Micathehuman

    The cat one is really funny lol

  • Marine Rusher
    Marine Rusher

    Really interesting video, liked it a lot!

  • Vybe Lyfe
    Vybe Lyfe

    It's a fuel tank not a gas tank

  • Alex Fracyon
    Alex Fracyon

    I feel terrible for that turtle

  • Catrina McQuigg
    Catrina McQuigg

    him: wakes up. oh it flooded. its time to walk my fish!

  • jake lencher
    jake lencher

    when i put my fish on a stringer i have to take them on a walk to tie them to something.

  • Nathaniel Epps
    Nathaniel Epps

    Isn't it technically taking the fish for a swim?

  • Its rosie
    Its rosie

    All fun in games until it falls 2:52

  • Katelan Teagarden
    Katelan Teagarden

    As a horseback rider I knew what the fly mask on the horse is supposed to do

  • D L
    D L

    1:55 Cutter

  • Vaishali Kumari
    Vaishali Kumari

    I think I'd like to be a crane operator 😂

  • XYUSHI OsuMania
    XYUSHI OsuMania

    2:46 he must be good on claw machines ever since he was little

  • Game Gangster
    Game Gangster


  • TheGamingBug

    yes, being a crane operator has no stress at all! super relaxing! Even if you mess up, you could possible kill someone, or lose your job, totally stress free!

  • Daisy

    Why do you people think this is werid I do it every Sunday

  • Mango Juice
    Mango Juice

    It's a cat nightmare when the streets are flooded But not for catfish hahahahaha

  • Donut Trump
    Donut Trump

    isnt hydrogen really flammable?

  • Jessica Shiny
    Jessica Shiny

    At 1:14 I actually felt bad for that turtle 😅

  • Squirrel E
    Squirrel E

    French people at 1:53: 😳🥵

  • iiCarari

    The cat was in sheep mode

  • Stra cherri
    Stra cherri

    Our for you pages on tiktok must be the exact same, lol

  • Untraceable Fraud
    Untraceable Fraud

    People that want to be a crane operator ⬇️

  • V 96
    V 96

    1:04: Like dreams life has also disappointed me!”


    in case you didnt know, hydrogen is the third most abundant element on earth. no way it should be costing 16.50 a kilo

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea

    1:06 the cat went WEEEE

  • Andrea Magdaleno
    Andrea Magdaleno

    Correction: The owner took their fish for a swim.

  • aksels Jurgens
    aksels Jurgens

    That adorable dog in mud

  • SoccerSeabiscuit

    my dog did the exact same thing that dog did in the mud..

  • FluffyZSlımepup lol
    FluffyZSlımepup lol


  • asdf

    Imagine looking outside of your window and see a man walking his fish

  • Arie C
    Arie C

    So. Why didn't you narrate the turtle scene? :3

  • subekcha chettri
    subekcha chettri

    I love the way u say "later" at the end of the video

  • Curatious Studios
    Curatious Studios

    a fish for a **SWIM**

  • one4all

    I wonder if the fish died after due to bacteria and other chemicals like car oil and other stuff on the street. Also where did he tie the leash?

  • When the imposter Sus
    When the imposter Sus


  • Gtoney 11
    Gtoney 11

    1:11 Smash and dash

  • Cali Network
    Cali Network

    Plot twist: the turtle fell back on purpose because he didn't wanna be on camera cheating on his wife 😎😉

  • holuwadami triumph
    holuwadami triumph

    I think I'll apply for a crane job next

  • Angie Yonaga
    Angie Yonaga

    The fish tho-

  • M4RJ

    I thought thats glass

  • Sinxe

    So we’re just gonna ignore the huge snail I see

  • Red Turnip
    Red Turnip

    Nay he took the little guy for a good ole swim, so relatable

  • MelkGamerBR

    Everybody Gangstar till a Alligator comes out of the Sewer

  • My name
    My name

    I need fish

  • Sophiamimi2012Plays

    Wow I wish it flooded that bad here or I could just get a catfish and I have a lake and a pool so I could put it in the lake Lol or put it in the pool if I took out all the stuff in it but my dog likes it

  • Bengia Juna
    Bengia Juna

    I have decided I'm becoming a crane operator= _ =

  • FroggieBubbles !
    FroggieBubbles !

    This is proof that ur not just making an exuse when u say that u have to take ur fish for a walk 🙄🤚

  • Jeanette Marie
    Jeanette Marie

    I shouldn’t but I did, laughed so much when the turtle rolled backwards! Like darn it, you caught me, I’m outta here! He knew what he’s doing! But I wonder how long it took for those two turtles to walk up that steep driveway? Lol 😉

  • Alisha Animates
    Alisha Animates

    the catfish got eaten by a raccoon :(

  • the whattime demon dude
    the whattime demon dude

    i just hella over dosed on internet

  • Spam Bot
    Spam Bot

    Shoes in water is painful

  • Pøtato plays
    Pøtato plays

    How you get him back in his house (he catfish)

  • Wahde the fake rapper
    Wahde the fake rapper

    Not gonna lie you make my day better. Like if you agree

  • Chr1stown


  • Joseph Potstar
    Joseph Potstar

    my brain melted

  • Peace & quiet
    Peace & quiet

    1:22 what place is that called

  • Bryton Massie
    Bryton Massie

    2:43 What's not relaxing is the liability of being a crane operator.

  • Mario The Plumber
    Mario The Plumber

    1:14 Koopas In Super Mario Bros be like

  • Mr.Universe

    1:10 my guy was just worried he might be her dad

  • Cowgirls Of Nebraska
    Cowgirls Of Nebraska

    Sounds like something I would do

  • Marco Leung
    Marco Leung

    Why the fuck would you want a gas that will explode just by touching it wrong to power your car?

  • Kaavya Tarimala
    Kaavya Tarimala


  • Polierno yes
    Polierno yes

    1:10 They were caught in 4k

  • Boring Man
    Boring Man

    He didnt take it out for a walk he took it out for a.swim

  • SmelllyboiXD

    Turtles got caught in 4k

  • Steven Stubby
    Steven Stubby

    Damn that turtle was outta there quick. The ultimate hit n run

  • Homefront


  • Dynamitee Inaa
    Dynamitee Inaa

    Catfish is gonna end up with parasites or dead. Its funny until you know the outcomes of what's going to happen later on.

  • Bobs Burger King
    Bobs Burger King

    On @1:54 she has a slit risk marks

  • jeniene martin
    jeniene martin

    The catfish: wow! So this is what the human world looks like its so ugly.. Me:I want a catfish

  • little_demonsUvU

    That's so cute

  • Spookyguy 657
    Spookyguy 657

    When you dont have a dog:

  • Jayden And Chris’s Gaming Channel
    Jayden And Chris’s Gaming Channel

    1st electric cars,and now hydrogen? You have proved me worthy world

  • Robert TV
    Robert TV

    1:14 I wasn't paying enough attention and I thought this was part of the last clip

  • Kannan

    Hydrogen powered car go Ka-Boom

  • King Smoker
    King Smoker

    0:18 Blm: That dog is racist.

  • rizkyucit

    Is that a cat or a fish?

  • The God King
    The God King

    Are those..... Vessi's??

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