Friendly Cat Scares Away Delivery Man
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a cat scares a delivery person.

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Scary Mask:

Ice Crack:

Jumping Dog:

Camera Obscura:

Wind Turbine:

Dog Rug:

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Flow by Nomyn​
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Skydancer by Scandinavianz​
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Also in this video, a man scares a woman with a mask. Someone made a camera obscura. A Twitch Streamer has a cute cat. A microscopic view of your blood. Someone bike rides on the edge of a trail. A large ice shelf in Antarctica cracks. A dog is excited to go outside. The duck army begins to rise.

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  • Perplexed Kaleb
    Perplexed Kaleb

    "The duck army is rising" Never thought I'd hear daily dose of internet say that.

    • DkXboxer

      He is the most passive demon overlord I know.

    • Salmon 32
      Salmon 32

      He is oneo them

    • Darmok

      I did. Everything is unfolding as planned. (muhahahah).

    • Mason Burgdoerfer
      Mason Burgdoerfer

      The bike no wd40 and its all over

    • Cal Butler
      Cal Butler


  • Abdullah AL Saud
    Abdullah AL Saud

    2:14 *When you were Born as a Dog, but want to be a Kangaroo!*

  • Phoryan Ryan
    Phoryan Ryan

    Yes my fellow cutie pie duckies, rise RISE!!!

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame

    1:06 that cat is having a really good time.

  • Jude Lagcao
    Jude Lagcao

    Just slide it Through Homie Lol at 0:16. 🤣🤣

  • protectorofillinois3

    The cat was like, "What's up with him? I just wanted to say 'hi'" lol.

  • Amiya Ranjan Das
    Amiya Ranjan Das

    2:21, that dog thinks he's a kangaroo

  • Wild Breakfast
    Wild Breakfast

    Blood close up looks like coins falling or bubbles

  • Seba Animations
    Seba Animations

    dude this person went biking at the mountain of HELL

  • Tobert Tate
    Tobert Tate

    Soy boy afraid of a cat lol

  • William Ozier
    William Ozier

    0:38. A friend of mine had a bedroom that did that exact same thing, it was super awesome.

  • Bruno Batista
    Bruno Batista

    1:13 I wonder if that cat is really a "she"...

  • Z Shieh
    Z Shieh


  • Crimson Ford
    Crimson Ford

    The sun never sets on the duck empire

  • Francesco M
    Francesco M

    Camera oscura = dark room, in italian

  • FoxyBoxi

    0:55 I need that once i get an apt in the city.

  • Jiahstrike

    Look at the cute hooman getting scared by the cat.

  • EmptyStuff

    Why is there a trap door in this wind turbine ? To let people skydive to their death ?

  • Brian Kliewer
    Brian Kliewer

    0:15 WAS new.

  • 90 29
    90 29

    exactly what I need to keep the mailman away from my wife.

  • Adu Dadu
    Adu Dadu

    I also have a footage of camera obscura that I filmed recently. I had never seen something like it before on the internet or real life.

  • Adam Owens
    Adam Owens

    I just started working for Amazon as a driver. I can confirm his fear was real and probably seemed funny But!!!!! I’m the other day I had two cute little squirrels attack me at an old lady’s house cause they thought I was tryna get their tree or something

  • Spark the emo cat
    Spark the emo cat

    I love how the woman screams inside of the car.

  • Keith

    Cat: hi! wanna be friends? guy: aahh! cat: rude.

  • Kaiimei

    2:33 "A new power is rising. Its victory is at hand! This night, the land will be stained with the crumbs of Rohan! Waddle to Breads Deep! Leave none unpecked! To Waaaaaaaaar! There will be no dawn...for bread."

  • Gumi

    Cat: meow? Man: and I took that personally

  • Pranab R
    Pranab R

    And now that broken iceberg broke off n melt away.

  • Toco Pesky
    Toco Pesky

    It's not a cat it's a flerken

  • Creeper 021
    Creeper 021

    Well Well Well, How The Turntables

  • Capt. Rob Atkinson
    Capt. Rob Atkinson

    1:56 *That damn squirel*

  • kirbykmaya

    1:14 dude why

  • ZeDankestLettuce

    2:03 That damn squirrel

  • Kalya Aleira Pratama
    Kalya Aleira Pratama

    0:28 when the mask is SUS

  • Cris Firestar
    Cris Firestar

    Seriously the cat just rubbing on her boobs that’s why he looks so satisfied

  • George_007

    The first video looks like it was taken in a alternate universe were instead of cats being afraid by humans, humans are afraid by cats

  • swedish girl
    swedish girl

    I'm surprised ppl don't realize it's IMPOSSIBLE to ride a bike for that long and be secured to a line!! Just think about it... 🤔 Even if you held a rope up above that's attached to a harness on the biker, it would be so long, the biker would die or sustain serious injuries if he fell. He is not attached to the line on the right because its secured to the wall every few intervals and any fastener would jerk to a stop, but I guess he feels he is close enough to grab it if something goes wrong. This is nothing but an adrenaline junkie who shows no respect for life and sets a terrible example for others.

  • Splatter Fodder
    Splatter Fodder

    has the narrarator hit puberty yet

  • Gianni Puface
    Gianni Puface

    That cat knew exactly what it was doing

  • Michael Campos
    Michael Campos


  • Andrea Peruzzi
    Andrea Peruzzi

    0:05 "Miao Miao Nigga"

  • WasteOfSpace

    1:59 That darn saber-tooth squirrel

  • Shirako Takamoto
    Shirako Takamoto

    Look at all those chickens~!

  • Mad DaD
    Mad DaD

    Wasn’t that a cougar and Rottweiler in the snow at the end?

  • elranj

    This post has clips that make my balls shrink. The view with the biker biker and the one from the wind turbine

  • Lifting Girl
    Lifting Girl

    3:05 Yup fuck that

  • Scared Of Ghosts
    Scared Of Ghosts

    'I really love her too' said everyone

  • iLL-Tempered Demon Hunter
    iLL-Tempered Demon Hunter

    About that Antarctica's ice crack, I have learned so much from The Day After Tomorrow. It's time to buy a lot of winter coats. I live around equator.

  • Poopmonster

    Poor cat he just wanted to say Hi

  • Put OnHipHop
    Put OnHipHop

    My nuts tingled a little when he opened the hatch and it was just a straight shot down.

  • stenka rasin
    stenka rasin

    To what has the present generation fallen when a grown man is scared by a kitten.

  • Sarah Corente
    Sarah Corente

    The obscene gliding originally disapprove because animal surgically file besides a unequal t-shirt. nervous, ordinary firewall

  • ZingsVideos

    Don't mess with a black cat. The driver knows.

  • Cuh

    1:56 that damn squirrel again

  • Fivespy08

    2:35 my favorite military parade!

  • Wesl_y

    Man: (Delivering package) Cat: Ah! I see that you are delivering the package my owners had ordered. Man: *Holy sh- you scared the hell out of me.*

  • proud ally🏳️‍🌈
    proud ally🏳️‍🌈

    "THIS PERSON WENT BIKING IN THE MOUNTAINS OF ITALY" my mind : And he never came back🤡

  • Yaashiniy

    1:56 damnit it's that squirrel again

  • Vasily Kravtsov
    Vasily Kravtsov

    That jumping dog is kinda scary

  • Always Falling Short
    Always Falling Short

    How do you have footage of my blood? Creep.

  • CaptainBeatDown

    Broa wut kind of pussy are ya to be afraid of a cat, unless he has a allergic reaction to them or something

  • ReyX1991

    1:21 im prety much sure mine consist of syrup and alcohol

  • aaroniouse

    see you again very very sun.

  • what are you doing step comment
    what are you doing step comment

    2:33 heil duckler heil duckler HEIL DUCKLER

  • Isaac Mudge
    Isaac Mudge

    2:09 that damn squirrel

  • MikMech

    1:05 I wanna be a Cat.....

  • Namchild

    When you get on ILcomp and one of your favourite posters doesn't have adverts on his videos. 2 thumbs up

  • Ratchet Medic
    Ratchet Medic

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  • dewfall56

    Wow, that cat looked about as rugged as a bulldog. He probably thought the man was going to open the door and let him in.

  • Vortex Falcon
    Vortex Falcon


  • tomzilla the great
    tomzilla the great

    that crack in the ice is from that squirrel from ice age

  • Where's Waldo
    Where's Waldo

    Some people are afraid of cats don’t know why I had a delivery driver refuse to deliver my groceries because I had cats outside my place I feed eating the bowl of food I put out for them

  • Ruiner Wingel
    Ruiner Wingel

    2:31 we should be lucky it's ducks, no need for another goose stepping army

    • Karen


  • bama bati jifo
    bama bati jifo

    Cool, but what's it like to work on a "Where" turbine? 3:04

  • John Ray
    John Ray


  • Mirsad Redzovic
    Mirsad Redzovic

    1:05, can't blame the cat...

  • GatCat

    That kitty cat wanted a hug but that dumbass delivery driver....

  • DiscipleofPentagon

    0:05 Feral cats: So that's what it feels like...

  • Γιάννης

    When you go biking, but you also need to wear a parachute...

  • GroceryGetter

    That fact that the bike is pedal assist somehow takes away the satisfying factor for me

  • Metallization OFFICIAL
    Metallization OFFICIAL

    Dudes watching real LIVE TV on the ceiling

  • Raymond Anderson
    Raymond Anderson

    That guy is afraid of a cat? What a wuss.

  • jwalton_1418

    2:31 the hjonkning someone send this to jacksepticeye lmao

  • jeremy welborn
    jeremy welborn

    Q; what is a wind turbine's favorite music? A: they are big metal fans

  • Ntando Talks
    Ntando Talks

    I knew he was was an African man from the title 😭😭

  • Luke Washburn
    Luke Washburn

    Mans actually showed "The Cat" Clip

  • MagusKali

    I wonder what was on that gaming kitty's mind ...

  • Rythro_Rezzrr Vlogs
    Rythro_Rezzrr Vlogs

    The delivery man just realized he was allergic to cats

  • Maximillian Osaben
    Maximillian Osaben

    Jesus christ I thought the guy at the end was gonna jump out.

  • DangerDub

    Wish i had someone so excited for me to get pants on

  • Anne B
    Anne B

    The biking in Italy one cannot be real. That is so scary.

  • Richard Cagara
    Richard Cagara

    i almost peed myself at the last video

  • Royce L
    Royce L

    The only thing I hear is Donald Ducks

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    Hey come back here and pet me I don't bite

  • Gugo

    thank god that I am a Muslim coz we keep the dogs as a guard for the house and not inside the house because dogs saliva harmful and you can get so many Diseases like Noroviruses, Pasteurella, Salmonella, Brucella, Yersinia enterocolitica , Campylobacter...etc and belive or not Islam knows this fact since 1400 years ago this fact just of many facts the Quran know since 1400 years ago the Quran the only book that knows facts since 1400 years and doesn't have any mistake in it so why you still reading the comment go and read the Quran and study Islam Of course in the right way and you life will change. and that's why the media put the wrong image on the Muslims because they are afraid that Islam will Sprint.

  • Mark Maurer
    Mark Maurer

    I'm with that delivery man cats are cute and soft and everything but you cannot trust them they will turn on you in an instant, inferno discernible reason

  • Jon P
    Jon P

    Ive always wanted to poop out the top of a wind turbine.

  • Karlanir

    0:25 - that's not just a scary mask; that's William Shatner.

  • Kayak & Coastal Fishing
    Kayak & Coastal Fishing

    10 seconds of actual footage of video title. proceeded by 3 mins of random crap

  • Lawrence Bute
    Lawrence Bute

    Does anyone know which mountain the guy is biking in Italy?

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell

    First guy got spooked cause he probably believes black cats are bad luck

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